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Afterwork Community

Afterwork Club is an invite-only community hosted on Geneva, the chat app for groups, clubs, and communities— it’s more private than Facebook and more fun than Slack.

Afterwork Club is an online home for brands founders, makers and builders.

I created it because I really believe in the power of meaningful connections through conversation.

We're a hybrid community, members come together to learn and build their passion-led projects.

Global Community: meet new friends, creators, makers, founders and community builders of all shapes & industries.

Growth: attend workshops on MVP/MVC validation and growth frameworks.

Resources: directory access to playbooks, swipe files, and tools to unlock community capital, build products, grow your community and innovate through your journey.

Newsletter: we send bi-weekly community brief with interesting tools and reads on business trends, innovations, passion economy and community building.

Video Hangouts: unlimited video hangouts events to talk about your passion, your projects, and challenges you face to create meaningful relationships with club members.

Check-in Calls: we host a weekly open-mic audio talk to discuss the latest community activities, business challenges and entrepreneurship.

Friends Calendar: monthly IRL community coffee gatherings.

Community Programs: in partnership with CBIR.

Community Partnerships: a collaborative programs between the Afterwork Lab and community-led brands.

Supporting Services

The Afterwork Club is part of the Afterwork Lab.

The Afterwork Lab is a Community Studio that builds and helps build communities for e-commerce brands and small companies.

👉 Comarketing Collaborations: we provide in-house social media marketing strategy to bring people from your community together (content ideas, design and email campaigns) all combined to serve your community marketing efforts stand out.

👉 Community Management: we help your set your community strategy with ongoing support on the platforms you host your community in.

👉 Interactive Workshops: we provide community-building frameworks and discussions and the IRL community intelligence workshop for associations, brands and companies.

Find out more about our premium community Afterwork-as-a-Service to unlock community growth.

Connect, Learn, Build & Make Friends.

2023 ® Copyright Afterwork Lab

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