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TheAfterwork + Program is a one-time payment of the lab services.

Who would apply for the Afterwork+?

  • E-Commerce Brands
  • Small Businesses
  • Community-led Startups
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures

What You Will Get?

  • Access to Afterwork Club (Geneva Community worth $49)
  • Access to the CBIR network (Community Builders In Residence)
  • Access to Afterwork Garden (Knowledge Library worth $99)
  • Access to Afterwork Brain (Consulting worth $199)
  • Access to AaaS (Afterwork-as-a-Service)
    Starting form $500 to $1000 on a monthly basis.
  • Access to Community Swipe File (worth $39)
  • Access to Community Substack Archive (Free)
  • Access to Community Listing (Free)
  • Feature Your Geneva Home for Free.
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Become a Afterwork+ Member

Geneva Community
CBIR Network
Community Garden
Community Consulting
$1,600 a month


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